AirPlay/DLNA Receiver (LITE)

AirPlay/DLNA Receiver (LITE)
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★Either AirPlay or DLNA is just a media controlling protocol, and it just send the playback address(For example: http://xxx/xxx.m3u8) to the inner media player on your device. So the performance depends on the compatibility and stability of your hardware player. It may not work so well either if your wireless router is too old. If the app doesn't work on your device, please contact us via email(, and we will try our best to solve it. ★This is a free version of "AirPlay/DLNA Receiver". The professional version is "AirPlay/DLNA Receiver (PRO)" which works more stably and gives you much better experience. ★If you install it on Android 3.1 or greater, please do run this app at least once after installation or update(Click not "Done" button but "Open" button on the installation finished page, or click AirPin icon in the app list), then the AirPin auto boot service at every time device booted can be registered to the Android system. Forget AppleTV. Use your Android device or phone (Android TV/Set-Top Box/Mini PC are preferred) to receive videos, pictures, and music wirelessly from multiple devices. Once the app is installed (and you've run it after installation) it runs in the background waiting to receive the media you send to it from another device. Just like you would for a DLNA/UPnP enabled TV or AppleTV. Send music, videos, or pictures from your iPhone/iPad/Mac via Apple's AirPlay.Or use your Android Phone/Tablet/PC with a compatible DLNA/UPnP app/program (i.e. iMediaShare, Twonky, UPnPlay, etc) to send media directly to or stream from a home media server (i.e. Serviio, PS3 Media Server, etc) to "AirPlay and DLNA/UPnP Receiver" installed on your Android device or phone.Your "AirPlay and DLNA/UPnP Receiver" device will show up in your other devices app/program as "ITV@" followed by a number. This is the identifier you will send your media to using your other devices. Follow your third party app/program instructions on how to send media from them. "AirPlay and DLNA/UPnP Receiver" is not a media server. It is a DMR (digital media renderer/receiver) only. It requires the use of other apps/programs to send media to it via AirPlay/DLNA/UPnP to play. All devices must be on the same network to function properly.If you still don't know how to use, please download the user manual in English: . Features:★English Menu★Support iPad/iPhone/Mac AirPlay★Support DLNA/UPnP★Software Decoders extend inside★Background service★Android 2.1 or greater ------------------------------------------------------------ ★AirPlay或DLNA仅是媒体播控协议,最终的播放流地址是交由硬件设备自带的播放器处理、而并非由AirPin程序本身处理;所以播放的兼容性和稳定性跟固件有较大关系。无线路由器型号太老也可能会导致软件运行不稳定。所以,如果该软件在您的设备上工作不正常,请邮件联系我们(,我们将会尽力解决。★这是"AirPlay/DLNA Receiver"的免费版本,专业版"AirPlay/DLNA Receiver (PRO)":运行更稳定、并且很大程度提升了用户体验。★如果您将其安装在Android 3.1或更高版本的设备上,请安装或更新后务必启动一次本程序(在安装完成界面上点击"打开"按钮而不是"结束"按钮、或在应用程序列表中点击AirPin图标),这样才能将开机自启动服务注册成功。 将iPhone/iPad(通过AirPlay)、Android Phone/Pad(通过DLNA/UPnP)、PC(通过DLNA/UPnP)等设备上的在线、本地媒体资源分享到Android电视/机顶盒上进行大屏观看,无需AppleTV或其它设备。本软件只是AirPlay和DLNA/UPnP的接收端,需要配合AirPlay控制端(比如:iPad/iPhone/MAC)或DLNA/UPnP控制端(比如:腾讯视频/UPnPlay/iMediaShare)使用。 如何使用:1)将此App安装在您的Android电视/机顶盒上;Android手机/Pad用户,也可以安装、并且通过HDMI数据线输出到普通电视上;2)iPad/iPhone推送:打开网页/App客户端、或本地的音视频播放界面,在播放控制条、或者屏幕四周信息条上找到AirPlay图标,点击并在弹出的设备选择界面上选择您的Android电视/机顶盒;3)Android Phone/Pad推送:打开AirPlay/DLNA/UPnP控制端应用程序,选择您的Android电视/机顶盒设备并播放;4)如果对如何使用仍有疑问,请下载中文用户手册: 。 功能:★中英文菜单★支持iPad/iPhone/MAC AirPlay:支持PPTV、搜狐、优酷、奇艺等网页版/APP版的视频/直播推送,支持图片推送★支持DLNA/UPnP:支持腾讯视频的Windows版、Android版视频推送,支持图片/音乐推送★内置软解码库,弥补设备硬件解码器能力不足的问题★自动后台运行★支持Android 2.1及以上版本 ------------------------------------------------------------ Search keywords: AirPlay AirTune DLNA UPnP DMR Multi-Screen AirPlayer 多屏互动