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MOOV - 香港*強歌曲+高清演唱會音樂庫 功能包括: - 串流收聽及下載320kbps高質素音樂檔案* - 任睇高清演唱會影片* - 近500個演唱會及獨家韓國演唱會 - 任聽港、日韓台、英美歌曲大碟 - 下載歌曲離線聽,等你連飛行模式都有歌聽 - 自製心水歌單,一click儲起你的心愛歌曲 14日免費任玩,絕不自動收費!* MOOV 音樂內容包括: - 大量新舊歌曲 / 未出碟派台歌 - 演唱會 及 MV - 獨家MOOV Live音樂會 - 歌手音樂導賞團 只需要一個帳戶,即可以於iPhone及電腦任聽任睇所有音樂內容! 更多詳情,請到網站 *註: 高清版本共適用於特選內容 ,320kbps音樂檔只適用於特選內容,用戶手機須支援高清格式播放。以上MOOV App內容只適用於已登記試用用戶及付費用戶,並須受有關條款及細則約束,詳情參閱 電訊盈科保留隨時更改一切優惠及條款及細則的*終決定權。 ======================== MOOV is Hong Kong’s leading music service Features: - High Quality 320kbps music files are ready for streaming and download now.* - HD concert video are also available.* - Video Library – Around 500 concerts and exclusive K-Pop concerts - Music Library - Latest or Hit songs and albums from US/UK, Hong Kong, Korea and other Asian. - Download - All songs can be downloaded, and you can listen to them even when you are offline or in flight mode. - Playlist – save your favorite songs into a playlist and listen to them the way you want. - English interface ready! 14 days Free Trial, No payment required during Free Trial!* MOOV music library include : - Lots of the latest or classic songs, album / Pre-release songs - Concerts and MV - Exclusive MOOV Live concert - Music guide created by artist You can enjoy all music content on PC, Mac and iPhone with 1 account. For more information, please visit our website : *Important note: Only selected videos are available in HD format and users are responsible for ensuring that their viewing device supports viewing in HD format. *Only available for devices which support HD format. Only selected content (including song files) are available in 320kbps. Eligibility of existing MOOV App or MOOV service registrants or subscribers for Free Trial is limited and subject to terms and conditions (Please refer to: which may be amended by PCCW Media Limited at anytime without notice. ============================== MOOV.hk是電訊盈科旗下的音樂服務。 music service is a subsidiary of PCCW limited.